Let's keep our body as a gift to our soul. Going to gym or doing yoga is fine to remain fit but if you want to escape exhausting workouts to cut out excess fat you can try the most beneficial gift of nature 'The water'.
Most of us start our day with hot coffee or tea.  Why not start our morning with water? Well I tell you water can do magic at any temperature but warm temperature is truly a best drink for our body.

So here are someways through which can lose your weight :-

  •  A cup of warm water before meals activate digestive enzymes that helps you digest food and increases metabolic rate. A cup of warm water after meals doesn't let your food convert in fat. Also, if you exercise daily then warm water will make you lose your weight in almost 40% lesser time.

  • Another way is by squeezing a lemon in your cup of warm water and drinking it in morning. lemons are high in pectin fiber, which helps fight hunger cravings and helps you with weight loss struggles.lemon with warm water flushes out toxins from body.

  • This is the most effective one which I myself have tried:- Boil water with cumin, coriander and fennel seeds, add ginger to get best results or  else you can boil without ginger too. Drink this tea (warm temperature) twice a day.  It helps in burning excess fat, detoxify your body and helps in period pains too.

  • Drinking warm water with honey can be the best last thing  to do before going to bed. You can also add cinnamon in it. It can be drank several times a day to keep your self energetic. It really boosts the metabolism and ultimately loses your weight.

  • Warm water with salt can also be used to lose weight. You can drink it early in morning or before going to bed but do not go by this method to lose weight if you are on any serious medication condition because it might increase your blood pressure.

  So drink plenty of water and reduce yourself with easiest way possible. And of course why do we need to join gym if water makes us slim. Please comment if you want to ask anything about it. Take care everyone.

shivani gaur


  1. Well written! :) I would love if check out my blog- www.harshitakapur.blogspot.com
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  2. Well written! :) I would love if check out my blog- www.harshitakapur.blogspot.com
    My Beauty Blog

  3. very helpful post!!
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