Make your hair smooth, shiny and healthy at home!

The ads you see of big brand shampoos and hair oils, what is the primary thing they flaunt? The flying and playful hair!! This depends on hair texture!
If you wish to have your hair styled like those Disney Princesses, Dear you must work on hair texture. Why to apply serums and gels and tonnes of chemicals in hair and get prey of hairloss??
We don't have to seek OUT for a solution to bad hair texture. We have everything inside I mean inside our home, 'The Kitchen'. 
Here are 5 things in your kitchen that can make your hair super gorgeous:-



Okay this might sound weird to apply yogurt in hair but seriously yogurt can be the best conditioner for hair. Yogurt is rich in vitamins especially vitamin B. Apply yogurt in hair for 30 minutes and then wash it out. This process even if done only three times will bag you great improvement in texture of hair. If you apply yogurt on scalp too then congrats you will have to say goodbye to dandruff and hairloss. Yogurt is great home remedy for skin and hair. If you don't want to apply yogurt pack so whenever you wash your hair, use yogurt as conditioner keep it in your hair for 5 minutes at least and then wash it out. This will also help your hair get the best texture.

               INDIAN GOOSEBERRY

Do you know that in many cultures, Indian gooseberry is considered to have a vital force. It is written in vedas too. So this fruit taken for any purpose does magic to your body but believe me since it contains exceptionally large amount of anti oxidants and is enormously rich in vitamin C so it will do wonder to your hair. It will not only improve texture but all problems related to hair like hairfall, dandruff etc will be sorted. There is also a side benefit in it, eat it for 5 days and along with hair, you will observe glowing skin too. You can apply its hair pack also but in that case you won't get a side benefit.


oranges just known for vitamin c contains much more than that. It has many vitamins, antioxidants and citric acid which are absolutely perfect remedies for hair. Mash the orange and massage your hair with its pulp. You can use the peel of orange (peel is very very beneficial).
1) Whenever you eat orange, collect the peel.
2) Dry the peel in sunlight.
3) Grind it and make it powder.
This powder is really magical for both hair and skin. By adding little water to it, make its paste. Apply it in your hair and wash it after an hour. This paste can also be applied on face for glowing skin.

             GHEE (Clarified butter)

Ghee should be announced as another best friend of a girl after CHOCOLATE. Its like
dry skin- apply ghee
chapped lips - apply ghee
dark circles - apply ghee
dry hair - apply ghee
want glowing skin? - apply ghee
dandruff problem - apply ghee
Ghee will give you drastic change in texture of your hair. Ghee makes hair soft and smooth. Also it will promote hair growth. Massage your head/hair with ghee for a week at bedtime. You might not even need to apply it for a week. Some of you may not like the smell of ghee so you can take coconut oil and ghee in equal proportions and then do massage.


Avacado is a fruit that has incredible benefits. If I am made to write about it, I can write a really long article on its nutrition alone. It contains high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, calcium etc. So here for hair benefits, I would suggest you to use avacado hair pack or it's pulp can be mashed with blender and applied on roots of hair, you can mix avacado juice and cocunut oil for better results. It's pulp will moisturise your hair and give a better texture to it by removing frizziness.

Other great things available in kitchen that could be applied on scalp for soft, bouncy and shiny hair would be
Lemon juice
Aloevera pulp
green tea
almond oil

*Source: Google Images

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  1. Lovely post! Haven't heard of indian gooseberries!

  2. Really? These gooseberries are an integral part of Indian lifestyle. They are really effective. :-)

  3. Such a great informative post.

  4. Will definitely be trying some of these!

    Ruby x

  5. Such a great post :)

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  7. Love this, I definitely have to give some of them a go! Loving your blog, please do stop by mine if you get the chance, I love seeing new faces on it! x


  8. Will definitely give the yogurt one a try!


  9. Great post! Do you know where I can purchase Indian Gooseberries? I've never heard of them before X

  10. I have applied yogurt a couple of times :)

    Skincare Villa

  11. dandruff in the hair it can cause hair loss, for it to use immediately obat penumbuh rambut botak alami


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