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Hey everyone, in this post, my friend Zara Lewis will share her wonderful tips on how to get your skin ready for summer. I really loved the article, hopefully you all will love it too.
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So summer is just around the corner, and you have done your time at the gym, and are ready for the beach. It is a well-known fact that sun has a positive effect on both our body and health, however too much sun exposure can be very harmful. Applying proper skin protection is essential during the warm summer months.  There are several tricks that can help you keep that healthy skin glow and still feel the benefit of the healing sunrays.

Prepare your skin
There are several things that we need to do in order to prepare our skin for the summer. First of all, when it comes to our face, it is important that we exfoliate once of week in order to get rid of the dry skin cells and make way for better crème absorption. Second if you have reoccurring acne issues, getting an acne treatment before you increase sun exposure is crucial for your face and body. Sun rays have a negative effect on acne susceptible skin, and can worsen your condition. Finally, make sure that you protect your hands and feet - these are the parts that we forget when applying sun protection.
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Prevent dryness
Sun rays help our skin produce vitamin D which is essential for our overall health. However, they also tend to cause skin dryness and flacking. In order to provide our skin with the essential moisture during the hot days, we need to use moisturizers with a high SPF factor for our face and neck area. It is important to opt for sun protection products that provide both nourishment and protection to our skin. Finally, we mustn’t forget lip balms. Our lips are as sensitive to sun rays as the rest of our body, and keeping a lip balm handy will help us prevent cracking and dryness.
Limit the sun exposure during critical times of the day
As we all know, the strength of sun rays varies during the day. So in order to protect our skin, we should limit our time in the sun to the early morning or late afternoon. If there you are adamant to go outside in high noon, protect your skin with a high SPF cream, hydrate a lot and try to stay in the shade. One more thing is essential for mid-day walks in the sun - a fashionable hat. The top of your head is also exposed and is susceptible to harmful sun rays. Since we cannot apply the cream to this part of our body, wearing a hat is the next best thing, because it also helps protect your face from the strong UVB rays.
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Having a great summer tan is a dream come true, but not if it comes at a cost. Our skin need our help to stay radiant and healthy during the warm summer months. By increasing our fluid intake, limiting our time in the sun and using the right skin care regimen, we are able to provide our skin with the essential tools to greet the autumn in top shape.

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