5 Rare Ways To Use HAND SANITIZER That Will Leave You Astonished!

Hello everyone, have a look on what you can do with your hand sanitizer.

I am quite good at eating habits(I am not bragging -_-). I usually don't drop my food on dress but my brother does. So hand sanitiser is great friend to all those who often drop food or ketchup on their clothes. It's fine if you're at home because there you can wash it away. But what if you are in a party like 'high class party' and you don't want people to notice stain, just take a corner, bring out your secret weapon and kill the stain. Hand sanitizer is 60% alcohol and that's why it removes stains efficiently.

This is probably the best use you can do of hand sanitizer. There are times especially in summers that you are out for a work in burning sun and you can't help but just sweat. Sweating might not be a big problem but stinking is! No matter how much deodorant you put on yourself, summer fades that all away. So if you think your armpits are smelling of sweat or are embarrassing you like You must have seen someone who was wearing full sleeves shirt and got that wet embarrassing visible patch (around armpits) on shirt due to sweating. You definitely don't have to be that 'someone', just use hand sanitizer. Take some drops of hand sanitizer and apply on  your armpits. In blink of eye, smell gets vanished because germs get killed.

Yes I haven't lost my minds. I know what I am saying. Some of you may criticise this but realllyy try it! Alcohol on whole face will create irritation but if you just put one drop on pimple, alcohol will dry that up and eventually pimple will get off. It's not harmful if used properly, don't rub after applying it on pimple.

Maybe you all know how good is hand sanitiser to clean your makeup brushes. Some brushes just don't remain fluffy and soft after using them for a while but if you wash it with hand sanitizer or nailpaint remover, brush will stay new and soft.

I don't think there's a better way to clean your earplugs than cleaning them with hand sanitizer. Take a cotton ball, put some drops of hand sanitizer on it and then wipe your earphones. Only precaution you need to take care of is after cleaning it, let the earphone dry properly first and then put them in ears.
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And you thought hand sanitizer was just for cleaning hands!!

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  1. Great post hun :) Never thought hand sanitizer can be used in so many other ways as well. very informative. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Hand sanitizers can be so much more! Great to know :)


  3. I work in a school so I have many hand sanitizers at hand. Didn't know they can be used for more things rather than only hands! Very informative post.


  4. This was so helpful!! Totally trying it to remove stains!! :)


  5. Yeah try and tell your experience :-)

  6. Great post dear.Never thought you can use a hand sanitizer in so many different ways.Will try and use it as a brush ckeanerand definitely on my armpits.Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is why I love blogging. We learn new things always. I didn't know half of these, so thanks for sharing. :)


  8. Yes I agree, blogging makes us learn about so many new things.

  9. Great tips. Never thought I could use them in so many ways.

  10. Some great ideas here, I would never have thought of these.

    Much love,
    Marianne x www.beautiful-in-essence.blogspot.com

  11. I really love hand sanitizers! I always order some from Bath & Bodyworks. They're great. These are some great tips. Love that. Now I will use for way more than just clean my hands.

  12. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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